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Why Titanium Consulting?

Titanium is renowned for its strong yet lightweight properties. It has been used for decades in advanced aviation on parts of an aircraft that require not only the aforementioned weight-to-strength ratio but also outstanding corrosion resistance. Now, the automotive industry is scaling production of titanium alloys with advanced composite materials to incorporate those same strength, lightweight, and corrosion resistance properties to mass produced automotive products.


Translating that into the supply chain consulting world means that titanium can offer agility along with strength. Business leaders want a lean operation with robust processes, not to mention outstanding data analytics that lead to world-class problem solving.


Titanium Consulting, LLC was founded with the small- to mid-sized business in mind.  You have other issues to manage and should not have to worry about your supply chain and logistics processes.  Let us help you to optimize your inventory, improve forecast accuracy, increase profits, and improve cash flow.

Why not use a firm that specializes in supply chain and logistics process improvement for small and mid-sized businesses?  Why not use a led by a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, certified supply chain professional, and military veteran?

Why spend thousands per day to hire one of the large general consulting firms that will send recent graduates to learn while working for you when you can receive one-on-one concierge service from a proven and experienced supply chain leader?

Contact us today to initiate a free, no obligation conversation and to take the first step in creating a competitive advantage.

Feel free to e-mail us if you have questions or comments prior to booking your consultation.

Titanium Consulting, LLC is a proud investor in the Greenville Chamber of Commerce.