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Titanium Consulting, LLC | Greenville, South Carolina | (864) 735-6240

Why Titanium Consulting?

Titanium is renowned for its strong yet lightweight properties. It has been used for decades in advanced aviation on parts of an aircraft that require not only the aforementioned weight-to-strength ratio but also outstanding corrosion resistance. Now, the automotive industry is scaling production of titanium alloys with advanced composite materials to add the same strength, light weight, and corrosion resistance to mass produced automotive products.


Translating that into the supply chain consulting world means that titanium can offer agility along with strength. Logistics and supply chain managers want a lean operation with robust processes, not to mention outstanding data analytics that lead to world-class problem solving.


That is precisely what you receive when Titanium Consulting, LLC supports your business.  Titanium Consulting, LLC was founded with the small- to mid-sized business in mind.  Business owners and business leaders need to turn to an expert in each facet of their business, including the supply chain and logistics side.  Using a boutique firm such as Titanium Consulting, LLC to support your business means receiving a tailor-made approach to fact-finding, analytics, process development, and continuous improvement.

Why not use a firm that was founded specifically with logistics and supply chain optimization for small businesses in mind?  Why not use a firm owned and operated by a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with multiple supply chain certifications and years of Top Secret-level military experience? Why not use a firm run by an experienced supply chain practitioner that spent years solving some of the most complex logistical problems for our country’s premiere luxury automotive manufacturer and largest automotive exporter?

Titanium Consulting, LLC is a proud investor in the Greenville Chamber of Commerce.